Where Can I…Find Washi Tape in Mumbai?

I am no great crafter or DIY-er. But of late, I have had some time on my hands and have ended up making a few things for putting up around the house. Before starting any project, I would look online to see where I could find the supplies, here in Bombay. Some times I was able to successfully find such stores…for some things, well, I am still looking. I thought of this series – Where Can I…find [ ] in Mumbai? – to make it easier for the other curious souls to find supplies / stores in Mumbai (I actually don’t like calling this city, Mumbai – I like it better as Bombay…you will find me using the two alternately on this blog, though!). This series will list sources for various crafting supplies, cool & quirky things and other lifestyle things here in Bombay.

So today, I am covering Washi tapes. The blogging community seems to be exploding with Washi tape related projects. And aren’t they the cutest things!

While I don’t have any particular project in mind, I wanted to keep some handy for that moment when I finally wanted to use it (come on, I can’t be the only one who stocks things without having an immediate need for them!).

Of course, there are scores of cute Washi tapes on Etsy but getting them shipped to India would simply double the entire cost! And then there are various DIY Washi tape projects across the blogosphere, including this one from The Ochre Elephant.

But if you are in Bombay and want some tapes, you could head over to Crawford Market and once there, go to Abdul Rehman Street. You should look for the store: Gala & Sons, 255, Abdul Rehman Street, Crawford Market. Ph: 022-23401622.

In fact, a lot of stores in that lane stock “decorative tape”. Don’t ask them for Washi tape. They will most probably stare at you blankly. Oh, did I mention how cheap they were: Rs. 30 for a pack of 10 tapes. That is less than a dollar for 10 tapes. And also, these are probably not “real” Washi tapes, particularly in terms of quality but they are fun enough to want to try an occasional project. Here are pictures of what I bought! And no, that box wasn’t free…I have had that box for a while now and I absolutely love it!

So there you have it, at least a starting point for finding Washi / decorative tape in Bombay / Mumbai. Please leave a comment below if you know of other stores which stock them.

UPDATE (May 25, 2012): Well, I just discovered that you can order Washi tapes online through either Lulupu (tapes here cost upwards of Rs.100) or Ricco Crafts (tapes here cost about Rs.60).

And just so you know, I got no free supplies in return for this post! :)

What have you been using Washi tape for?

Click on the images of the Washi tape projects to lead to the sources.

5 thoughts on “Where Can I…Find Washi Tape in Mumbai?

  1. Nupur

    What are u planning to do with so many of them? the tapes look very chic !! i like the tea coaster that you have made …

    1. Shirsha Post author

      Haha! Like I said – I have no idea what to do with them yet but they were so cheap!:) And the coaster is not my project – it is a project done by someone else that I have linked up to! :)

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