Where Can I…Buy Bollywood Posters in Mumbai?

You can’t really separate Bollywood from Bombay. I mean, it is the home of Bollywood. Travel around Bombay and you will see billboards advertising the latest Bollywood blockbuster. The posters, and the poster-makers, are a part of the ancillary Bollywood industry. Today, most of these posters are digitally printed but given the ongoing fascination with Indian kitsch, vintage Bollywood posters are in fair demand these days. Of course, there are some people who have been collecting Bollywood posters for some time now and as some recent articles have pointed out, they are now sitting on a pile of cash.

But being an old collector is not the only way to lay your hands on these vintage beauties. If you are in the mood for some hustlin’ and bustlin’, you should head to Chor Bazaar. The Mansoori family runs three stores on Mutton Street in Chor Bazaar: Bollywood Bazaar, Mini Market and Super Sale. The prices of the posters go up to Rs. 5000 (c.US$100). Besides posters, you will also find various Bollywood memorabilia at these stores. You can call them at: +91-22-23472427. These are some of the posters that I picked up from the store.

Loose Ends at Bandra (Shop. No.1, A.N. House, 31st Road, lane opp. Shoppers’ Stop, off Linking Road, Bandra (W), Ph: +91-22-65224725) also occasionally carries old movie posters and other Bollywood inspired merchandise.

If you would rather sit in the comfort of your own house and just order these things off the internet, you could check out      http://bollywoodfilmposter.com/ and  http://www.cafedreams.com/.

Bonus option:

If you want some cool, personalised Bollywood posters, you can visit Indian Hippy at www.hippy.in. They have artists who can create portraits for you, Bollywood style!

Super bonus option:

If you are one of those persons who likes the movies but would run the other way from the techni-coloured posters, I got just the thing for you. You should check out Akshar Pathak’s work at Minimal Bollywood Posters. He offers reinterpretations of various movie posters (old and new) and in my opinion, they are loaded with awesomeness, creativity and that cool factor. I have already ordered some for myself and I am sharing a few of his works.


Go on, own your piece of Bollywood!

Oh and if you want to know, my fascination with Bollywood posters was sparked off by this episode of The Dewarists, featuring Zeb & Haniya, Swanand Kirkire and Shantanu Moitra. The show had an interesting concept and I would recommend that you watch the entire episode but if you are the impatient kinds, the actual song starts off at 31:47. The song is a soulful beauty. 37:59 is the exact moment that started my fascination with the posters!

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